What’s so Great About Post, TX?

Join us for an experience you won’t soon forget

If you’re visiting Post, TX for the weekend, you want to know the best way to engage in the culture and community. Post City Festivals - The Village is the best place to start. Enjoy touring through a collection of our community’s small businesses in our gated community of shops and event venues. Check out one of our festivals or outdoor events and immerse yourself in the best of Post, TX.

Contact us at 806-670-0651 to find out about upcoming events.

3 reasons to visit The Village

Are you curious about what’s going on at Post City Festivals - The Village? Join us to:
  1. Set up shop and sell your crafts in one of our quaint retail spaces
  2. Browse the temporary vendors and find unique objects and gifts
  3. Host a party or event at our promotional events venue

Reach out to us at 806-670-0651 to plan your next event with Post City Festivals - The Village.

Stop by Post City Festivals - The Village for a fun-filled day

Post City Festivals - The Village is a non-profit gated community composed of 15 retail spaces and two venues for events or weddings. Our little village was established to promote tourism in the Post, TX community by supporting local businesses. Our retail spaces are ideal for temporary businesses wishing to market their wares and services, and our venues are the perfect choice for weddings, anniversaries and other special events. Whether you plan on visiting the Village, setting up shop in one of our quaint little homes or hosting a special event, we’ll make sure your experience will be a memorable one.

Choose Post City Festivals - The Village as the location of your next weekend outing, wedding or event.

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